Koontz Professional & Affordable Bloomington Roof Replacement

Professional & Affordable Bloomington Roof Replacement

With over 25 years of experience, the Koontz Roofing & Exteriors team are the Roof Replacement Bloomington experts that you can trust to get the job done right the first time. We guarantee to have the job done right and even provide free inspections and quotes.

Transform and upgrade your old, damaged roof with a roof replacement from Koontz Roofing & Exteriors. A new roof can completely the appeal of your home. Koontz Roofing & Exteriors are the leaders in providing complete roof replacements Bloomington for residential and commercial properties. With over two decades in the trade, our roofing specialists have worked with every material and roof imaginable when it comes to roof replacement Bloomington.

Shingle Roof Replacement Bloomington

A shingle roof replacement offered by Koontz Roofing & Exteriors provides an effective way to transform and upgrade your old tiled roof while ensuring the structural integrity of the roof. Our large range of options and styles, along with our over 20 years industry experience simply makes Koontz Roofing & Exteriors the right choice to replace your tiled roof to its former style and condition.

Damaged roof from storm

The roof is one of the most important components of your home. Your tiled roof not only protects your home from the weather and environmental elements, but it also has a major impact on the look, feel and value of your home. Whether you want to retain or update the look of your home, Koontz Roofing & Exteriors can assist with a shingle roof replacement Bloomington with a minimum of inconvenience.

While it may be tempting to keep making patch repairs to a faulty roof, in the long term, the cost and benefits of a roof replacement will often be more cost efficient than the constant repairs. Roof replacements are great home improvement investments, whether your roof is beyond repairing, or whether you’re just looking for a new contemporary color to lift the style and value of your home, Koontz Roofing & Exteriors are the team for you.

Are you considering having your tiled roof replaced? At Koontz Roofing & Exteriors we have a specialist team dedicated to roof replacement Bloomington services which means you will receive the highest standards of care and customer service. Our professional roof replacement work is focused on ensuring everything about your new roof from your choice of colors and materials to the quality of the workmanship is to your satisfaction. We offer a wide range of options specific to each individual homeowner including your choice of material, guttering, color, coatings & insulation.

Koontz Metal Roof Replacement Bloomington

Metal Roof Replacement Bloomington

Is your metal roof too old to restore? Koontz Roofing & Exteriors offers you a reliable and efficient metal roof replacement coupled with the best prices available. With years of experience in handling residential and commercial properties and a great commitment to quality, we offer professional metal roof replacement Bloomington services for your property while ensuring all-round satisfaction.

Letting an old roof remain in place will eventually lead to an expensive damage on the interior of your property – be it residential, commercial or industrial. If the metal roof of your property shows any sign such as deteriorated joints, missing and buckled panels or widened screw holes as a result of weather exposure or temperature fluctuation, etc., have it inspected by the roof replacement Bloomington experts before it is too late.

There may be situations when your periodical roofing maintenance may not be able to save your metal roof. In such cases, the only vital solution might be to replace it with a new metal roof. Our team of experts at Koontz Roofing & Exteriors will assist you with the best choices of roofing materials for your property and the area. At Koontz Roofing & Exteriors we specialize in metal roof replacement Bloomington.

Our top roofing professionals at Koontz Roofing & Exteriors will help you assess whether your property needs a new roof, repairs or maintenance. And as we are always striving to maintain the highest standards of workmanship, Koontz Roofing & Exteriors has a history of customer satisfaction. With a team of trained, licensed professionals, we will provide you with recommendations that will ensure you are protecting your property. After all, the entire structure of a building can be compromised if your new metal roof is not well constructed.

Skylight Replacement Bloomington

When it comes to replacing your skylight, it’s important that you choose a team of professionals who will get it right the first time. Here at Koontz Roofing and Exteriors, we understand this, which is why we are known for providing expert skylight replacement Bloomington solutions that combine attractive finishes with unparalleled functionality.

Koontz Roofing and Exteriors - Skylight Replacement Bloomington

Skylight leaks are a very common problem. They typically leak due to rust forming around the flashing, bad seals or simply unprofessional workmanship. Condensation can also sometimes occur when the air in the room meets the cold surface of the skylight. You can see this mostly in bathrooms and kitchens.

Koontz Roofing & Exteriors is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and quality work within the industry. We work with you to understand the best option for your property, ensuring that the end result is nothing short of efficient and affordable.  

We have the experience and expertise needed to repair and replace any type of skylight.  No matter what the issue, we can make sure that your roof is in good shape as to not worry about any further problems.

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At Koontz Roofing & Exteriors we are proud of our proven track record of excellence that ensures that we’re the best team for roof replacement Bloomington. Nothing satisfies us more than to have our customers happy with our level of commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Should you need more information, please contact us today.

What sets us apart from our competition is that when you contact Koontz Roofing & Exteriors you will be dealing directly with the roofer who will take the time to understand your needs and provide expert advice.  If you’re looking for an inspection and quote for a roof replacement Bloomington service or just have some questions, contact us today.