Sustainable Roofing

Koontz Roofing cares about the environment.  That is why Koontz is a proud to partner with Malarkey Roofing products – the leader in sustainable and eco-friendly roofing.    Why  Malarkey?  Malarkey products are made better to last longer, and are more sustainable.  Malarkey invented the cleaner, longer-lasting shingle technology known as polymer-modified (rubberized) asphalt.   Malarkey shingles are made of upcycled rubber and also pioneered the use of upcycled plastic in shingles as well as the industry’s first smog-reducing shingle.  Call today to see when you can get your Malarkey roof. 

2021 Contribution

Plastic Bags Upcycled
Rubber Tires Upcycles
Air Cleaning Granules – Trees ‘Planted’ Equivalent
Bloomington Eco Friendly Roofing - Emerald Pro Contractor 2021